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Elevators are for fatties

Holiday shopping has begun and the malls are crowded with people busily running around looking for the perfect gift. I was at our local mall the other day and watched elevator after elevator filled with people going up and down … Continue reading

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Walk 10,000 steps a day

Walking is one of the best ways to stay healthy, lose weight, and relieve stress. It’s cheap, it requires no equipment (other than a good pair of shoes), and it’s easy for even the most uncoordinated person. Consider how much … Continue reading

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Fast food is making us fat

Avoid fast food. It’s making us fat; stay clear. Most fast food is laden with calories, high animal fat, high sodium, and enough food additives and preservatives to keep a staff of chemists fully employed. Here’s just one example: McDonald’s McNuggets. … Continue reading

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Over 150 million adults are overweight or obese

We’re fat and getting fatter. Two-thirds of Americans are fat or obese. It’s embarrassing and horribly unhealthy. Look around. It means that two out of every three individuals are carrying an extra load. We are feeding our faces at a … Continue reading

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